Design Session

Your journey with Alexandra Marie Interiors is an opportunity to develop and fulfil one’s own interior vision with the guidance, expertise and execution of an industry professional. To kick things off we will begin with an intimate two hour design session. This is a time for us to sit and enjoy a cuppa whilst you share your vision and intention. It is an opportunity for Alexandra Marie Interiors to learn more about your lifestyle as well as your space. She will be that nurturing friend who will ask the tough questions. Weeding out any seeds of doubt or hesitation, so that you may move on to co-creating and harvesting from a fresh and inspired garden of potential. This design session is an opportunity to ask Alexandra Marie Interiors all of those curly questions you may have and confide in any existing challenges that may be holding you back. It is Alexandra’s concurrent belief that through an honest and meaningful relationship - beauty can flourish! Therefore these qualities are the pillars in which we build a road map to your interior dreamscape.

With Alexandra’s practical experience and design expertise, we will focus on transforming your comprehensive brief into a well considered Master Plan. We will analyse your budget and timeline and sow these considerations into a viable plan of action. With an invitation to introduce you to Alexandra’s family of trades, you also have the chance to meet for yourself the trusted allies who will be helping in the creation of your space. After our initial design session, you will receive a detailed summary of all our findings and a genuine desire to craft a tailored space authentic to YOU!

Ready to take the leap?

Full Service Interior Design

Your venture with Alexandra Marie Interiors starts with a conversation. Like her Mum says ‘“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” With this in mind, this is a time for you and your vision to be heard. Alexandra’s design process will be diarised to guide you through all stages of design. With a sincere focus on open communication and effortless collaboration we can create the foundations of a strong working relationship and achieve a well-considered design.

01 Project Initiation

We will begin this project together, working with you to zest out a juicy brief! The intent of this meeting is to develop a deeper understanding of your project’s unique requirements. This phase includes our Design Session. The more info we can scribble down together in this meeting, the more authentic your design will be! During this phase, we want to establish the key deliverables of your vision. Identifying what you like and what you don’t like. This will support our ongoing work and give us a canvas to create your masterpiece!  

02 Schematic Design

The Schematic Design is all about turning those notes and initial ideas into loose illustrations. We will digest, summarise, translate and articulate your ideas and turn them into beautiful visuals. Our initial conceptual sketches will be supported by images that orchestrate a visual tone and will be accompanied by design language aimed at circulating a flow of direction that will squeeze out all of the juicy, magestical goodness!


03 Design Development

At this point, we have utmost clarity of your interior vision. We now begin intricately crafting and designing a holistic design solution that harmonises spatial arrangement, functional design and our design intent across all facets of the design detail: joinery, lighting, finishes and fittings. This is where you will breathe in and take an exhalation of relief as you feel reassured that you are in very capable hands.


04 Documentation

Now...take a deep breath, catch up on any light reading and let us do what we do best! This is where we do all the problem solving and document the design detail to the highest level of accuracy. It is our mission to hand over to a comprehensive set of drawings to our project partners with clear and precise instructions to follow.


05 Tender

Can you see it? The glistening light at the end of the tunnel? We’re getting closer! This phase is all about inviting our trusted trades, craftsman, artisans to review your project requirements. We will have the tough conversations on your behalf, and analyse pricing alongside budget and project deliverables. It is in this stage the design could be compromised to meet your budget. Any design assessments that have to be thoughtfully considered, will be done with care and with every intention of a purposeful and considerate solution. A solution that is complementary and pure to our original project design scheme. 


06 Construction & Project Management

This is where the magic really happens! The design has been signed off and the project team has been engaged. Through the organisation and coordination of trades, we liaise directly with the project team. Through our camera lens we start to see the layers that embody your design. Any issues that may arise as construction takes place will be resolved by us. We strive in monitoring the development as closely as we can, yet will call you in if essential.

07 Decoration & Styling

Ahhhh...the light! Your dream interior is built. Our enthusiasm doesn’t stop here. We believe every sophisticated interior requires some softening and personal touches to reflect the story of its owners. We will go on a design excursion together (supplier showrooms) to search high and low for those project specific items. If there’s something we can’t find to complement the design we will custom-design something truly unique to you, that you will always treasure. Our intention in this phase is to layer and complement your existing furniture with new furniture. Selecting artwork, soft furnishings and accessories to create a tailored elegant design.


08 Procurement & Defects

We have reached the end of our journey together! Like all projects, there may still be some fine tuning to effect. Those two intimidating words we don’t enjoy hearing ‘logistics’ and ‘defects.’ No need to fear that’s why you hired qualified professionals. We are here to eliminate any headaches. We will prepare your orders, co-ordinate, track and expedite all items purchased. We will ensure all your purchases are delivered on time and to schedule. Supervising the installation and implementing the right tools and procedures to maintain quality control. It is our commitment to you that you receive your ‘happily ever after moment’ and we promise to leave you a world class interior. 


The Design Bible Guide

Alexandra Marie Interiors understands not every client requires a full service interior design solution, whether it be looking for inspiration and conceptual guidance, to revamp a room(s), renovate and transform an existing interior or completely start the design of a home from a blank canvas. Whatever brief you have, we will create a style guide that you will be able to use as your design bible for inspiration and conceptual direction to help you navigate through any tough decisions you’ll inevitably have to make and source on your own.

After receiving your brief, budget and completed questionnaire we will start to draft the story you wish to share throughout your home, we will articulate your brief and respond with a highly detailed project specification guide.

The design guide we will deliver will assist with the following inclusions:

  • Concept Boards (the overall look & feel)

  • Finishes Schedule: Floor and wall finishes  (All hard surface finishes, wall coverings and upholstery)

  • Skirting and cornice details

  • Joinery hardware, finishes and details

  • Hardware (door hardware and decorative handles)

  • Fixtures & Fittings (kitchen, bathroom and laundry fittings)

  • Decorative: soft furnishings (cushions, linen, upholstery)

  • Window Treatment (drapery, blinds and curtains)

  • Art procurement and sourcing of decorative accessories

On receipt of your Design bible, you will receive your shopping list of suppliers you can get in touch with in your own time and at your own pace.